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Margaret D. says ... 

It was Friday, September 13th and I was in an auto accident with a motorcyclist! Of all days, Friday the 13th. It was after work when everyone was headed home. It was a horrible accident. He slid into the side of my car and demolished the whole lower right side of my Lexus. For those of you wondering the unlicensed motorcyclist turned out to be ok.  I called my husband and he said call Raul at The Collision Clinic and see if my car could be towed there. I called Raul and even though they were getting ready to leave for the day, he agreed to wait for my vehicle to be towed to his shop. I told him that I was unsure of how long it would be. He said it was ok, just to keep him posted and he would hang around. I was thankful that he was so helpful because my husband was out of town and I didn’t have to call around to find someone else.

Once my car was at The Collision Clinic, I was kept up to date on the repairs. Raul and his staff were great. The damage was more extensive than what it had appeared to be once they really got in there. They took pictures for me and asked if I wanted to come see the progress. I felt very comfortable with their service so I didn't feel the need to go in. Needless to say it took a little longer than what they initially thought, and that was ok with me. I just wanted my car back in one piece and as beautiful as it was before the accident. That’s EXACTLY what I received. When I got the call that my car was ready I was so excited but nervous at the same time. Anytime I have had work done on my car I’ve had to take it back for minor adjustments here or there, this doesn’t feel right or look right. It doesn’t help that I’m extremely “particular” when it comes to my car haha.

I went and picked up my car. It looked so beautiful! Not only was the damage fixed, but it was nice and clean. I left the shop feeling great. Still that little part of me was thinking “will something come off, will it not drive the same, will there be a shake, will the paint not look right in the sun”. Still to this day NOT 1 complaint! My car rides like a champ and all of my friends, family and co-workers that had seen the photos of the accident can’t believe that my car looks as if nothing happened!

Thank you Collision Clinic for giving me my beautiful car back and making this difficult process A LOT easier.

Before & After

2014 Lexus ES350

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