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The Collision Clinic Repair Process


Address Damages from
Current Incident

  • Inspect vehicle with check-in sheet

    • Walk around​

    • Record mileage

    • Check dash lights

  • Record unrelated prior damages (estimate separately)

  • Customer signs check-in sheet

  • We provide a preliminary insurance estimate

  • Take photos


Customer Signs Repair

  • A document authorizing the repairs based on the preliminary estimate must be signed by the customer


Temporary Transportation
is Arranged

  • If temporary transportation is needed, we help coordinate your rental with a local auto rental agency

  • Or, if you don't have someone to pick you up, we will take you to your home or business (local only)


Additional Evaluation

Inside the Shop

At this point, your vehicle is taken into the shop for detailed evaluation

  • Your vehicle is disassembled

  • Additional photos showing damages are taken

  • An original or supplemental repair estimate is prepared


Shop Repairs are


  • Repaired area or replacement parts, if required, are painted and/or installed

  • The vehicle is reassembled


Provide Complete/
Supplemental Estimate

  • A complete estimate is provided to the customer and the insurance company, along with the new photos

  • Both the customer and the insurer are required to approve the complete estimate


Quality Control Check

  • We do an extensive quality control check ... matching the written estimate with the work performed

  • We photograph the work performed and the complete vehicle


Order Parts

  • If parts are required, they are ordered. The repair cannot be scheduled until all parts are received

  • Once all parts are received, the repair work will be scheduled and the customer will be advised of an approximate completion date


Customer Delivery

  • We call the customer and arrange for the vehicle to be picked up

  • We will provide a ride, if needed

  • Final arrangements for payment must be completed

  • We provide a written, limited warranty for the work we performed

  • The customer signs and acceptance document and drives off into the sunset

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